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The GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is cute infant halloween costumes superhero costumes for kids superhero costume kids a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. It works on many operating systems, in many languages.

This is the official web site of training company bpmn course uml editor the GIMP, and contains information about downloading, installing, using, and enhancing it. This site also serves as a distribution point for the latest releases. We try to provide as much information about the GIMP community and related projects best immigration lawyer lawyer commercial law firm as possible. Hopefully you will find what you need here. Grab a properly chilled beverage and enjoy.

New GIMP book in French: Gimp 2 efficace2005-09-07 


The French-speaking GIMP users may be interested in a new book called "Gimp 2 efficace" written by Cédric Gémy, author of "(A la) SOS GIMP". The book starts with the basic steps such as installation and configuration accent seo for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X and moves on to more complex topics including layers, color correction and finally scripting. The table of contents and a sample chapter can be downloaded residential roof repair commercial roof leak repair rv supplies from the publisher's web site.

GIMP User Manual 0.9 released2005-09-06 


The GIMP team is proud to announce a new release of the user manual for GIMP 2.2. This release features lots of new content for the english, french, german, italian, and chinese manuals.

You can download gimp-help-2-0.9 from ftp.gimp.org.

Please keep in mind that the user manual still needs review and contains grammar and spelling errors. Every contributor who wants to help us with patches or just by proofreading the manual is very welcome. There's information about how you can help at our project page: http://docs.gimp.org.

GIMP is looking for Usability Experts2005-08-25 


Usability is an important but also a very difficult subject for a large and complex application like GIMP. Many user interface decisions are being made by developers who often have little experience in user interface design. In order to improve this, we need the help of experts. To find them, GIMP has joined the OpenUsability project. Here's a platform where Open Source developers and usability experts get together. We hope that this will help us to learn more about how GIMP is actually being used and how we can improve the user experience. If you think you can help, please join the effort.

What The GIMP2005-08-10 


A week after some GIMP developers got together at the hacker gathering in the dutch swamps, a new development release is presented. GIMP version 2.3.3, dubbed "What The GIMP", is a preview on the upcoming GIMP 2.4.

This release features the prototype of a new foreground selection tool that is being developed in cooperation with the department of Computer Science at the Freie Universität Berlin. The SIOX algorithm makes selection of foreground objects a lot easier. Instead of trying to trace the object boundary, the user now only has to specify the region of interest and some representative foreground pixels. SIOX (Simple Interactive Foreground eXtraction) does the rest. A video illustrates the work with the new tool.

More details can be found in the press release (also available in German). The source code of GIMP 2.3.3 can be downloaded from the usual places. If you want to give it a try, please read the release notes for development releases.

GIMP 2.3.2 development release2005-07-01 


The FTP server has a fresh development release for the brave and the curious. For a list of changes in GIMP 2.3.2, please see the NEWS file on developer.gimp.org.

If you want to try GIMP 2.3, please make sure that you read the release notes for development releases.

GIMP 2.2.8 Released2005-06-27 


Version 2.2.8 of the GNU Image Manipulation Program is now available. This is a bug-fix release in the stable 2.2 series that fixes a couple of problems. The source code can be retrieved from ftp.gimp.org and its mirrors, binary packages should become available over the next days.

GIMP 2.3.1 development release2005-06-10 


Another development release is out for those of you that are afraid of using CVS but want to follow the development towards GIMP 2.4. The source is available from ftp.gimp.org or from one of its mirrors. The list of changes includes usability improvements as well as some very promising changes to the Python bindings.

If you want to try GIMP 2.3.1, please make sure that you read the release notes for development releases.

GIMP Help snapshot2005-05-17 


The GIMP documentation team has been working hard and is proud to announce the availability of gimp-help-2-0.8, a snapshot release of the GIMP User Manual for GIMP 2.2. The tarball can be downloaded from ftp.gimp.org or grabbed from one its mirrors.

This snapshot features lots of new and improved content, a nicer layout and the start of Italian and Dutch translations.

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